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Key tips to make smooth moving in the wet weather

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Tips for moving in the wet weather

No one wants to move house when the weather is bad. However the rain may come when we least expect.Below are some tips from smooth moving solutions

Check the weather forcast

The best way to protect your belongings from the rain is to schedule your move wiseley and check your local weather and check with the removalist and make sure they are aware of the weather

 Use plastic shrink wrap 

Water can badly damage your furniture. Moisture will cause cracks and spot stains that are hard to remove be sure to ask your removalist if they carry shrink wrap or some form of protection even a old sheet over the plastic wrap can help as the plastic can be very slippery and hard for the movers to grip a good well prepared removalist will most likely carry old sheets or moving pads

keeping floors clean

Before the move begins the removalist should lay down some moving blankets on the floors (both houses) to keep any mud or water from rubbing into the carpet or wooden floors its a good idea to use a mattress cover as removal trucks can be a little dirty also comes in handy if going into storage.

Keeping important items safe

Plastic folders are a good way to keep documents safe as for electronic devices a plastic box is the safe option most storage complex hire plastic boxes if you are moving in the ipswich 4305 area fortknoxstorage can help with moving  supplies and storage

Smooth Moving Solutions can help with all your moving needs from supplies to organizing storage and be sure to have a smooth move visit our website or call 0423503315 to talk to the moving professionals about getting you moved fast dry and most of all safe and sound

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