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A Sharing Economy

For the ‘sharing economy’ to continue to emerge it requires an element of trust.  The benefit of this is that everyone is accountable for their actions and when you have accountability you have responsibility – making for a more harmonious environment in many ways.

Tech companies that are adopting this new model have to rely on both parties to hold up their own end of the bargain. For example, Uber requires both drivers and passengers to act appropriately under their “Community Guidelines” Act.  
Stellar Home is a local example of a tech start-up business based in South East Queensland that operates around this model.

Stellar Home is a digital platform connecting individuals and real estate businesses with quality, pre-screened independent home service professionals. With a simple booking process, controlled and secure payment method and a 100% happiness guarantee, Stellar Home is the most reliable and convenient way to get the job done.

For the sharing economy model to work effectively, those representing the business must act in an acceptable manner, and consumers must do the same.  It seems a logical and more respectful way to treat each other in the crazy world we live in.

Each independent business registered with Stellar Home maintains a high customer star rating, so that customer satisfaction is guaranteed – if your fellow consumers are not satisfied, nor are we and the business’s account is deactivated!

Stellar Home offers a suite of home services including end of lease cleaning, spring-cleaning, standard home cleaning, lawn mowing, carpet cleaning and pest control and more!

Take the stress out of moving home, engage in Smooth Moving Solutions to ensure a professional removalist experience and let Stellar Home take care of the rest! Use the code: SMOOTHMOVING to receive $20 off your first service.

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